Spyrit running on different platforms

Spyrit is designed to be simple and pleasant to use while still offering a nice lot of useful features. We're still in the process of adding new features and improving the current ones, but here are a few things you will find Spyrit can already do for you.

Spyrit is cross-platform. Whether you use Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, Spyrit will try its best to blend in and look nice.

Unicode in Spyrit

Spyrit supports ANSI colors. This is pretty standard in most graphical MU* clients.

Spyrit optionally supports Unicode, that meaning, special non-English characters.

Spyrit supports tabs, like a Web browser, with helpful LED indicators to reflect new activity in different worlds.

Spyrit was designed with roleplay-intensive games in mind, and sports a large text input area with unlimited history. You can browse the history with the Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down key shortcuts (⌘+Up and ⌘+Down on Mac OS X). An additional input area can be toggled with the Ctrl+M key shortcut (⌘+M on Mac OS X).

Spyrit's screen splits when scrolling backSpyrit splits the screen to keep displaying the latest world activity when you scroll back.

For advanced users, a lot of the features described here can be configured with a set of commands. Type /help conf from any Spyrit input area for the details.

So what's Spyrit still missing? Configuration screens. Hang in there, we're working on it.

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